What is Gift Me A Tree?
Gift Me A Tree is an eco-social app that enables people to plant trees around the world as a way of celebrating their birthday and those of their friends and loved ones.

What does Gift Me A Tree do?
Gift Me A Tree connects people from around the world with tree planting networks, channelling revenue streams into reforestation programmes through small scale donations in honour of app users’ birthdays.

Why trees?
Tree planting offers users the opportunity to help protect the environment in a simple and effective way. Rather than purchase expensive birthday cards which are bad for the planet, friends of app users are invited to plant trees for users, something they really want, and in turn will help to support struggling communities in developing countries who often resort to illegal logging as a means of survival.

What does my donation pay for?
It’s as simple as it sounds! 99¢ will pay for the planting of a single tree in a country where one of our planting partners are in operation. Where possible this will usually be a fruit tree, intended to offer communities a sustainable source of nutrition as well as to benefit the local ecology and environment.

How much does it cost?
Gift Me a Tree charge 99¢ for each tree a user wishes to plant. This price is fixed and is not open to discounts. This excludes the free tree given to a user upon initial account sign up or trees gifted to users as part of any promotion.

So how does this work?
By gifting a tree you are agreeing to Gift Me A Tree making a donation on your behalf to plant a tree in the chosen country of the user the tree is for. By the last day of each calendar month, Gift Me a Tree will pay an appropriate third party in a manner which will lead to one tree being planted for every ninety nine cents received from the twenty-first of the previous month and up to the twentieth of the current month. All trees planted on behalf of Gift Me a Tree are independently verified by the UK law firm, Equitable Law, who provide an appropriate verification letter.

What is Gift A Tree’s refund/cancellation policy?
Gift Me a Tree (giftmeatree.org) operate a no refund or cancellation policy for trees. Completion of the purchase of trees is considered final and binding.

How is my financial information protected?
Donations to Gift Me A Tree are made via PayPal in accordance with their terms and conditions. Gift Me A Tree operates in accordance with a strict privacy policy and is committed to keeping user data confidential. We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer financial details with any third parties.